Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frost Advisory in Effect

Holy Crap! So cold here in N.C. Should be going back to Florida this time next week. It's in the upper 50's and back to the 70's in Florida. Did have a cold front come through Florida though. Got down to 35 degrees. Hope all my houseplants survived. I really should have brought my bonzai tree with us. Dang!

The kids are hoping to see some snow before we leave here. NOT ME!~ Saw enough in Green Bay, etc.

Being 55 and trying to raise our 11 year old daughter is wearing me down. It was different when I was in my 20's and raising my other daughters; which are now in their 30's. I guess this is a test from GOD. My 13 year old son and 19 year old son are so much quieter and calmer. It's all good.

Well just finished posting on my other blogs:

Blogging, Marketing & Writing Tips

All About Marketing Blog

Am starting up a new newsletter on Writing & Marketing Tips in January. Am anxious about it. Good thing I saved my list of 3,000 subscribers from my old newsletter. Will invite them to see if they want to subscribe.

Oh yeah, got mad with hubby this week-end. He had to work Sunday; the guy that was supposed to show up and work didn't. So, they called Kevin and naturally he went in. He's already sick and to go out in this cold weather pissed me off. It's like the more he does the more they expect.

Anyway, since I bitched so much he went to work and bitched. So his Boss called his Boss and Kevin got a raise. Yee Haw. $42 an hour now. How about that? This job will finish up next week and they have no where to send us just yet. The other job is supposed to start up in April; so looks like we will have the next 3 months off. Thank goodness he's on salary and gets paid anyway.

Well, better get offline and check on supper. Have a pork roast in the crock pot. Just have to make gravy, mashed potatoes and biscuits.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Awaiting School Vacation

Yep, I think it's like 7 more days til Christmas Break for the kids. We are packing up and leaving N.C. and going back home to Apollo Beach. The weather here is 40 degrees and the weather there has been in the lower to mid 70's; now that's what I'm talking about. Now Florida does get cold; just not this cold. Brrr!

Debating rather to make the kids another big breakfast or not.

Hubby cooked up to 2 boxes of King Crab Legs last night, dipped some in melted butter (yes, butter, not margarine.) So I already snitched some for breakfast this morning. My Bad! Fixing to put the pot on and reheat the suckers.

He bought a huge honey glazed spiral ham he's cooking today. Tummy will feel warm and fuzzy.

Not much else going on. Trying to figure out how to get the html code for one of my sites broken down into just a frickin plain ole link; instead of html.

Think I'm on the verge of Alzheimer's or something. Have so much shit going online (Biz shit) that I can't remember half of the stuff I am involved with. Need to take one day and just focus on them. Start with the ones that make me the most money.

If you affiliate with a program or Business; always make sure they offer at least, at least; 25% pay. Especially watch out for the bigger companies like Vonage, etc. They only pay 10%. You would have to sell a hundred dollar item to make $10. Not worth your time and effort.

Well, enough here. Got to run through the shower and then feed my face. Am trying to gain weight and it's harder than it seems.