Friday, March 18, 2011

Saddened by Japan's Earthquake

I feel so sorry for Japan. It's just awful. On the news this morning it said the total deaths were over 4,000. OMG! And 10,000 are still missing. One especially sad clip on the news was a fireman who risked his life to go help put up a barricade before the tsunami hit. He came back to find his entire family dead & or missing. Four Grandsons included. Oh Dang! He started crying; I started crying.

I wish there were something I could do; I've prayed & donated. Would love to do more.

Saw a really good clip on youtube the other day. This guy & his friends made up some signs that said "Honk if you love Japan." For every honk he got, he donated $10. Go to youtube and type in Honk if you love Japan and view it.

For every one million view he gets he will donate another $600. How cool is that!

Okay now on to happier thoughts; it's a beautiful sun shiny day! Got the doors & windows open. Fixing to go sit outside and read a book and enjoy some of this weather. 81 degrees. Don't know what we are going to do this week-end but you can guarantee it will be something outdoors. Damn right : )

Well I'm outta here, have one more blog to post in.

Enjoy your week-end

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainy, Dreary Day

Just a blah kind of day here in N.C. But the week-end was so gorgeous it's all good. Plus tomorrow is supposed to be nice & sunny. I don't see how people up north can survive mentally with all the cold, snowy weather. Makes me just want to grab a book and stay in bed. I actually just got out of a hot bubble bath myself.

When we lived in Maine there was altogether maybe one decent week of nice weather. It rains, and rains, and rains. When it's not snowing. I have some friends up there though and they deal with it because they are outdoor kind of people. Some of them have little shacks up in the hills and they hang out there and hunt & fish. Cool! Just not for me; I need the sun!

Looks like we will be moving back to Apollo Beach, Fl. the third week in April. Yes, I miss all our stuff. Especially all my houseplants I set outside. I left my lemon tree and money tree plant on the back porch and the landlord that lives next door is tending to them for me. Yay! Last time we went home I did loose a few plants and my favorite & most expensive one is my bonzai. It's sunburned or something. Last time we went home there were like hundreds of baby aloe's all around my two huge aloe plants. I need to pick them off and replant them. Should sell them on ebay. Got enough.

Well gotta run, have sugar cookies cooking in the oven.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain, Rain & More Rain

It's all good; the birds, grass and all need water. Just does kind of make it a dreary, blah kind of day.

Hubby was in a cooking mood when he got home from work last night. Sweet tooth bug I guess. He made the kids some banana pudding & some apple crisp muffins. While he was doing that I was wrapping bacon around some shrimp and cooked up a batch of bacon wrapped shrimp. Which I just finished eating the last of. Do not; I repeat, do not, bring shrimp or crab in this house and expect leftovers. I love seafood!!!!

It's such a nice peaceful day even though it is raining. All I can hear is the sound of the clock on the wall ticking. It won't be that way for too much longer though. Barb gets home a little after 3:00 and Billy gets home a little after 4:00. Barbie doesn't just come in the door; she charges though the door wide ass open. Chatting the entire way, and doesn't stop chatting until one of her friends show up at the door and she goes outside to play. Dang, to be 11 again.

Now Billy when he comes in he's a quiet mouse. Drops his heavy ass book bag on the floor and goes in the kitchen to make him some jelly toast. Then proceeds to do his homework, still quietly.

Well I better go look in the freezer and find something to set out for supper tonight; and get the last load of laundry out of the dryer. It just buzzed me to let me know I'm not quite finished with all my chores for the day.