Friday, October 15, 2010

If tv was a man I would marry it.

Last week, when I found out there was a chance we may have to be here {N.C.}
longer than anticipated, I freaked out. So, my reaction was to lay on the couch
and watch movies all day. I was depressed as shit!

I don't like it here; the first week here some long haired, tobacco chewing, hillbilly boys showed up at the door wanting Billy. We were all looking out
the windows watching them with their 4-wheeler trying to get Billy to be
friends. Anyway,nothing to worry about; Billy came straight in, rushed to
the sink and washed his hands cause the tobacco chewing little rednecks
did their "peace out" hug and handshake kind of deal. Ewe! Needless to say;
the next day Kev and Jess took him to the Barber shop and had his hair cut short.

We left our Z71 truck in Florida so I am stuck here with no ride. Just the stupid
company truck. I miss the beach, I miss me and Kevin walking on the beach
collecting shells for my crafts. I miss taking the kids to the beach. I miss the water.

Kevin is trying real hard to make me feel better; he brings me home new things.
Like a four foot crystal ball wind chime, new plants, new clothes, fresh bouquet
of flowers in an awesome pitcher,etc. Right now we have a bottle of
champagne chilling in the fridge, because he bought us some more bath beads and bubble bath stuff for tonight. He's trying so hard to make me happy.

The sign at the end of the road for this place says " Manufactured Home
Community;" It's a glorified freakin trailer park.

The last time we lived in a trailer park I got into a fight and the cops came and
wanted to know if I wanted to press charges against the fat bitch. I didn't.
But she ruined my toe ring, my ankle bracelet, my hair decorations, my
necklace, etc. I turned to walk away from the bitch and she grabbed me by my
ponytail and threw me on the ground. The kids were freaking out, I hollered go get your Dad; he was on the back porch sweeping and didn't even notice anything going on. I put both of my legs {while laying on the ground like a varmint} on thunder thighs and tossed her back against the gravel.

A week before this confrontation; the fat bitches daughter took my son's head
and smacked it on the school bus seats metal bar; because she was the monitor
or whatever. Her Mom is the trailer park slut, the girl herself is a lesbian that walks around kissing other girls. I don't need my kids seeing that kind of crap!
She ended up getting kicked out cause she can't pay rent, can't hold a job and can't hold a man.

Well, I have been known to become "Super Mom" when someone messes
with one of my youngins. That's what the kids on the bus called me when I
climbed on the bus and demanded to know which one of the little freaks choked Jesse on the neck. Ever since then the kid would duck when the buss pulled up.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yay, the week-end has arrived

Wow, what a long week. I am so glad it's the week end! The weather is awesome. The Military Park is having a re-enactment this week-end, so looks like we will be going there. Cool! Then next week-end the Live Farm at the Park is having a fall festival where the people dress up like they did in the mid 70's. Along with the hayrides, pumpkins and such.

Hey there's not much to do here, so take advantage of what is offered right?

Trying to butter up Barbie's teachers, so this morning took some of my fresh cut flowers from the two bouquets Kev got me and made Barb up three small bouquets to give to her teachers. It usually works. Worked with her grouchy bus driver in Georgia, worked with her two teacher in Florida. Every little bit helps.

So gorgeous outside. Took all my houseplants outside and set them on the front steps so they can get some fresh air. Have all the windows and doors open; awe love the fresh air.

Oh yeah, Jess got $100 as a graduation gift from his Grandma and another $50 from her for his birthday; so he usually walks to the store at the bus stop in the afternoon and buys us stuff. Yesterday he brought me home a gorgeous dream catcher with a wolf picture, and my favorite white chocolate candy bar. Yay me! Then Kevin came home with three bags of kit kat bars. Dang, my sweet tooth is a singing. Ha!

Since I'm blogging here, I reckon I might as well go to my other business related blogs and post an article or so. Oh yeah, a kids story I wrote a while back was accepted by "fairytales & dreams. They are publishing it. "The Lost Easter Map."
Cool! Apparently it will be available online soon via Amazon, etc.

Well, the dryer just buzzed me so, better go fold and put away some clothes. Last chores of the day. Again, Yay Me!

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