Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frost Advisory in Effect

Holy Crap! So cold here in N.C. Should be going back to Florida this time next week. It's in the upper 50's and back to the 70's in Florida. Did have a cold front come through Florida though. Got down to 35 degrees. Hope all my houseplants survived. I really should have brought my bonzai tree with us. Dang!

The kids are hoping to see some snow before we leave here. NOT ME!~ Saw enough in Green Bay, etc.

Being 55 and trying to raise our 11 year old daughter is wearing me down. It was different when I was in my 20's and raising my other daughters; which are now in their 30's. I guess this is a test from GOD. My 13 year old son and 19 year old son are so much quieter and calmer. It's all good.

Well just finished posting on my other blogs:

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Am starting up a new newsletter on Writing & Marketing Tips in January. Am anxious about it. Good thing I saved my list of 3,000 subscribers from my old newsletter. Will invite them to see if they want to subscribe.

Oh yeah, got mad with hubby this week-end. He had to work Sunday; the guy that was supposed to show up and work didn't. So, they called Kevin and naturally he went in. He's already sick and to go out in this cold weather pissed me off. It's like the more he does the more they expect.

Anyway, since I bitched so much he went to work and bitched. So his Boss called his Boss and Kevin got a raise. Yee Haw. $42 an hour now. How about that? This job will finish up next week and they have no where to send us just yet. The other job is supposed to start up in April; so looks like we will have the next 3 months off. Thank goodness he's on salary and gets paid anyway.

Well, better get offline and check on supper. Have a pork roast in the crock pot. Just have to make gravy, mashed potatoes and biscuits.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Awaiting School Vacation

Yep, I think it's like 7 more days til Christmas Break for the kids. We are packing up and leaving N.C. and going back home to Apollo Beach. The weather here is 40 degrees and the weather there has been in the lower to mid 70's; now that's what I'm talking about. Now Florida does get cold; just not this cold. Brrr!

Debating rather to make the kids another big breakfast or not.

Hubby cooked up to 2 boxes of King Crab Legs last night, dipped some in melted butter (yes, butter, not margarine.) So I already snitched some for breakfast this morning. My Bad! Fixing to put the pot on and reheat the suckers.

He bought a huge honey glazed spiral ham he's cooking today. Tummy will feel warm and fuzzy.

Not much else going on. Trying to figure out how to get the html code for one of my sites broken down into just a frickin plain ole link; instead of html.

Think I'm on the verge of Alzheimer's or something. Have so much shit going online (Biz shit) that I can't remember half of the stuff I am involved with. Need to take one day and just focus on them. Start with the ones that make me the most money.

If you affiliate with a program or Business; always make sure they offer at least, at least; 25% pay. Especially watch out for the bigger companies like Vonage, etc. They only pay 10%. You would have to sell a hundred dollar item to make $10. Not worth your time and effort.

Well, enough here. Got to run through the shower and then feed my face. Am trying to gain weight and it's harder than it seems.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgivings Over

Wow, do I have a full belly or what? Hubby went all out this year. He cooked everything there is that has to do with Thanksgiving. Honey Glazed Spiral Ham injected with Praline Honey; Turkey Breast injected with Creole Butter. Actually I just finished frying an egg, ham and turkey for breakfast. Again with the full belly. Oh yeah, 4 pumpkin pies, 2 cans of whip cream and a tub of whip cream. Needless to say the pies are all gone. These 3 kids love pie! Good thing we are all skinny.

We complimented him on what an awesome supper it was, he just called from work and wants me to set out the other Butterball Turkey Breast. Oh Dang! Better let it defrost in water in the sink.

We have a bottle of Mum's Champagne in the fridge and are going to try another bubble bath; last month I dropped my glass of champagne in the bubble bath. We both jumped out real quick. Tried it again last week-end and made it without dropping my glass. He adds the moisturizing beads and the bubble bath liquid stuff so it is pretty slippery.

Twenty years later and he still thinks he has to woo me; came in with a fresh cut flower bouquet, a box of chocolate mints & the bottle of champagne.

One more day before the kids go back to school. Luckily Barbie has a couple of girlfriends here too so she has friends to play with. She called her friends in Florida yesterday & still gets to facebook and email them. Told them we should be going back home in three weeks. Hope so N.C. is getting cold. Were supposed to be out of here by now; but things at the jobsite are putting us a tad behind. Hubby had to fire one of his guys cause of it.

Well, I'm outta here; have two more business blogs I need to add content too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Almost Thanksgiving Day

I love Thanksgiving Day. All the cooking & all the eating. The best part is not having to cook for the next few days afterwords because of all the leftovers. Not sure where we will be though this year. We kind of want to have dinner back in Florida; but when I think of all the traffic OMG!

Guess we're going to go back and hang out for a month til the next job starts up in Vera Beach, Fl. That will give us a month to look for a place there and move out of Apollo Beach. Vera Beach is only an hour away.

On a totally different topic now; yet still related to food! I discovered an awesome liquid that I hope I will always have on hand. It's called Magnesium Citrate. See, I have this problem when I eat anything with iron in it. I get backed up and can't take a crap. Yep, shitting don't come easy. But now I can eat all the iron filled food and still find relief. I mean this stuff acts quick. Be prepared and don't plan on being away from a toilet. You can buy bottles of it at CVC Pharmacies.

Speaking of buying, I'm sitting here looking at a clear pitcher vase filled with 2 dozen roses, and the cutest fake butterfly that is sitting atop it. The butterfly is on a long stick and looks as if it's sitting on the flowers. My husband buys me fresh cut flowers and has for 20 years. But see, the store closest too us doesn't sell flowers or plants so we have to drive to the end of town to get them. Which naturally is fine with me. I have a bouquet from last week sitting in the corner of the garden tub in the bathroom. Yes, we both love houseplants and flowers.

Speaking of houseplants; we have about 30 or so that we left out back in Florida. I sure hope the neighbors are taking care of them like they said they will. The aloe plants were almost three feet tall; I can't wait to see them all.

By the time we take the new plants he bought me here, back home I'll have enough plants to fill up a whole room this winter. Yikes!

Well enough chit chat, I'm outta here.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

If tv was a man I would marry it.

Last week, when I found out there was a chance we may have to be here {N.C.}
longer than anticipated, I freaked out. So, my reaction was to lay on the couch
and watch movies all day. I was depressed as shit!

I don't like it here; the first week here some long haired, tobacco chewing, hillbilly boys showed up at the door wanting Billy. We were all looking out
the windows watching them with their 4-wheeler trying to get Billy to be
friends. Anyway,nothing to worry about; Billy came straight in, rushed to
the sink and washed his hands cause the tobacco chewing little rednecks
did their "peace out" hug and handshake kind of deal. Ewe! Needless to say;
the next day Kev and Jess took him to the Barber shop and had his hair cut short.

We left our Z71 truck in Florida so I am stuck here with no ride. Just the stupid
company truck. I miss the beach, I miss me and Kevin walking on the beach
collecting shells for my crafts. I miss taking the kids to the beach. I miss the water.

Kevin is trying real hard to make me feel better; he brings me home new things.
Like a four foot crystal ball wind chime, new plants, new clothes, fresh bouquet
of flowers in an awesome pitcher,etc. Right now we have a bottle of
champagne chilling in the fridge, because he bought us some more bath beads and bubble bath stuff for tonight. He's trying so hard to make me happy.

The sign at the end of the road for this place says " Manufactured Home
Community;" It's a glorified freakin trailer park.

The last time we lived in a trailer park I got into a fight and the cops came and
wanted to know if I wanted to press charges against the fat bitch. I didn't.
But she ruined my toe ring, my ankle bracelet, my hair decorations, my
necklace, etc. I turned to walk away from the bitch and she grabbed me by my
ponytail and threw me on the ground. The kids were freaking out, I hollered go get your Dad; he was on the back porch sweeping and didn't even notice anything going on. I put both of my legs {while laying on the ground like a varmint} on thunder thighs and tossed her back against the gravel.

A week before this confrontation; the fat bitches daughter took my son's head
and smacked it on the school bus seats metal bar; because she was the monitor
or whatever. Her Mom is the trailer park slut, the girl herself is a lesbian that walks around kissing other girls. I don't need my kids seeing that kind of crap!
She ended up getting kicked out cause she can't pay rent, can't hold a job and can't hold a man.

Well, I have been known to become "Super Mom" when someone messes
with one of my youngins. That's what the kids on the bus called me when I
climbed on the bus and demanded to know which one of the little freaks choked Jesse on the neck. Ever since then the kid would duck when the buss pulled up.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yay, the week-end has arrived

Wow, what a long week. I am so glad it's the week end! The weather is awesome. The Military Park is having a re-enactment this week-end, so looks like we will be going there. Cool! Then next week-end the Live Farm at the Park is having a fall festival where the people dress up like they did in the mid 70's. Along with the hayrides, pumpkins and such.

Hey there's not much to do here, so take advantage of what is offered right?

Trying to butter up Barbie's teachers, so this morning took some of my fresh cut flowers from the two bouquets Kev got me and made Barb up three small bouquets to give to her teachers. It usually works. Worked with her grouchy bus driver in Georgia, worked with her two teacher in Florida. Every little bit helps.

So gorgeous outside. Took all my houseplants outside and set them on the front steps so they can get some fresh air. Have all the windows and doors open; awe love the fresh air.

Oh yeah, Jess got $100 as a graduation gift from his Grandma and another $50 from her for his birthday; so he usually walks to the store at the bus stop in the afternoon and buys us stuff. Yesterday he brought me home a gorgeous dream catcher with a wolf picture, and my favorite white chocolate candy bar. Yay me! Then Kevin came home with three bags of kit kat bars. Dang, my sweet tooth is a singing. Ha!

Since I'm blogging here, I reckon I might as well go to my other business related blogs and post an article or so. Oh yeah, a kids story I wrote a while back was accepted by "fairytales & dreams. They are publishing it. "The Lost Easter Map."
Cool! Apparently it will be available online soon via Amazon, etc.

Well, the dryer just buzzed me so, better go fold and put away some clothes. Last chores of the day. Again, Yay Me!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking For a Storage Building

Crap! Looks like we will have to leave N.C. this weekend and go to Apollo Beach, Fl. and put all of our stuff in a storage building. There is no sense in continuing to spend $1,300 a month for rent there and $900 a month here. That's not even counting the bills. Crap!

The job here in N.C. should be over in a month and the next two jobs will be back down south. So, we are hoping to find a cheaper place when we get back there. Sucks, cause that's the first time in 20 years we have lived somewhere for two years. Plus the kids made such good grades; both boys made the "A Honor Roll." Barbie had soooo many little friends and the teachers adored her.

It's a good thing I'm an adaptable kind of gal. Had to buy a new couch here; we already have two couches back in Fl. Ditto with microwaves, crock-pots, pot's and pans, etc.

But we're together and that's all that matters. His job so SUCKS; sure the pay is great but when you think of all the deposits you have to put down every time we have to move to the next job.

The other part that SUCKS is now I won't be able to buy from ebay, etc. Or Order all the cool freebies I find online. Not without an address. No point in getting one here cause we'll be gone by the end of next month. Oh Well, Shit Happens, right. Ha!

At least the jobs lately have been down South instead of where we have been. Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Maine, Virginia, etc. My skinny little white ass just isn't into that snow crap anymore. The winters in Florida are just fine for me.

Oh well, until next time. I will start posting more often.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a Long Ass Week it's Been.

The week is finally over with. What a long week it's been. No tv, no microwave, no furniture, etc. Just a big ole empty trailer. At least we have a stove and fridge. Hubby finally had enough time off of work to go get us a new flat screen tv, blankets, and such. Right now he's trying to rent us a washer and dryer.

With a family of five; we need a washer and dryer. (Even though we have all of the above and more at our house in Florida.) Since I don't drive, Hubby had to go to the laundromat after work yesterday; spent $20 to wash & dry all the clothes.

We wanted to go back home and pick up some things; but that's a 20 hour ride back & forth. I didn't want to spend the week end on the road again. Probably will go next week end. At least it's not as long a ride as the one we had to take last month to Va from Fl. 13 hour ride. Or the trip from Haines City, Fl. to Lincoln, Maine. OMG!

Did I mention his job sucks? If it wasn't for the money; we would totally say Screw This! The only really good part about all of the moving is the experiences we get to have. You know, eating Boudain Balls in Texas. Cajun Crawfish in New Orleans, fresh off the boat crabs & shrimp in Florida & Alabama.

Oh yeah, and seeing roadrunners in our yard in Arizona, Armadillo's in our yard in Texas, Rams & whitetail deer in Wyoming, hermit crabs in our yard in Florida was kind of cool. Got some great pictures. Dolphins, Manatees and rays off our dock in Florida. Not sure what we'll see or eat here in N.C.

It's all good at least we're all together as a family and that's what matters. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Going to be a Basket Case

Check this out; we have a furnished waterfront house on Apollo Beach, Fl. but are living in an unfurnished trailer in Kings Mountain, N.C. With three kids. Had to go and buy us all air mattresses. No microwave, no furniture, no plates. It does have a stove and fridge so that's good. Bought a cheap set of pans and some plastic plates so it's all good. It's just for a few days until we can go back to Florida and pick up some of our stuff. Such as our tv's.

Let me explain; my husband is a Pipe-fitter Superintendent which requires us to move a lot, Last month we were in Chester, Va. Summer vacation allowed us all to go with hubby. Yay! We've been in the construction field for 20 years. Now the kids in this trailer explains the "Basket Case."

Now let me explain the title of the blog. "One Old Mom." I am 54 years old, I have an 11 year old daughter, a 13 year old son, an 18 year old son, a 32 year old daughter and a 34 year old daughter. Whew, what a trip it has been. My oldest daughter and I were pregnant at the same time.

A friend of my 11 year old (Barbie) asked her is I was her Mom or her Grandma. Grrr.
Dang gravity.

This is my first post but I do plan on posting often.