Tuesday, December 31, 2013

4 Tips to a Better Marriage

Marriage is a two way street, no doubt about that. Last week my husband 
came home from work and started complaining about an ingrown toenail;
automatically I showed him mine. Then he started talking about his dry
hands, again I showed him mine. I didn’t think much about it, until my son
came home from school and started talking about his chapped lip. Again I
talked about mine. OMG!How rude and selfish have I been. That’s where 
the idea for this article came from.
1) Me
Try and use the word "Me" less! You probably don’t even realize how often 
you use that word. Same with the word "I". Once you catch yourself using
that word try and think of something else to say in it’s place. Like maybe 
"You". How is your ingrown toenail, how are your chapped lips, etc.
2) Lighten Up
Laugh, act silly, tell jokes! If you are anything like me you are the "Mature 
One"; Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my sense of humor cause I am always
being "Mom". Responsibility tends to suck the life out of you. Try and find 
some humor in life, even if it means reading a book of jokes. Here’s a starter
" What did one Volcano say to the other"? I Lava You!
3) Think Back
Find a nice, quiet, relaxing place and close your eyes. Think back to when 
you and your spouse first met. What attracted him to you? Remember how 
jealous you got when someone flirted with him? Remember how you felt
just being around him; you didn’t want to leave his side.
4) Communicate
When he comes home from work don’t start griping about the kids, your job, 
etc. {There’s time later for that}. Find interesting things to talk about, keep 
up with current events, read the newspaper, watch the news. Try and talk 
about something beside the kids and jobs. Ask questions!
What would you do if you won the lottery?
If you could live anywhere, Where?
If you could have one physical thing changed, what?