Friday, February 18, 2011

Warming Up in N.C.

Got the windows and doors open. Thank You Lord! The cold weather didn't use to bother me so much but now; holy crap. I am an outdoor kind of gal and need to get outside and get fresh air. It stifles me mentally and physically if I don't get out. Feels kind of like an animal in a zoo.

I'm sitting here looking at my little Betta fish and feel so sorry for him with nothing to do but swim around in his little bowl. How boring would that be. We have a big aquarium for him back in Florida. But here we have him in a regular plastic bowl.

Oh yeah, another thing I am looking at while sitting here in the kitchen is a gorgeous pot of live tulips Kevin got me for Valentines Day. There are two pink ones, two red ones and two white ones. So pretty; he always gets me fresh bouquets to keep in the kitchen and coffee table but personally I would prefer live plants. He is a really awesome guy; so thoughtful and sweet.

Barbie spent the week indoors cause she got grounded. I don't know who took it worse; her or me. Ha! Here's what happened. The lady next door put out some helium filled balloons in her front yard and at the corner and at the mailbox. Kevin and I sat here and watched her. Cool, someone is having a party we said. A few minutes later Barbie and her friends come running through the yard and grabbed the balloons, her friends grabbed the ones in the yard and Barbie grabbed the ones at the corner road sign. Yelled at her to put them back; she did but they blew away anyway. Told her to tell her friends to go home and for her to get her ass inside. That was Sunday and yesterday was Thursday. That's the longest she has ever been grounded. I can't believe she did something like that. The neighbors had their little girls party anyway. Luckily they had one of those big jumpy blow up things so the guests could see it since there were no balloons to show them the way to the party. Told Barbie some of the guests probably didn't show up because they couldn't follow the balloons to the party. Tossing some guilt her way wasn't really a nice thing to do; but it pissed me off.

Well, I hear the dryer buzzing me. Got all my other chores finished. Got an early start this morning cause it's Friday. Monday & Friday are my major cleaning days. Get ready for the week-end and clean up after the week-end. Oh Dang!