Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgivings Over

Wow, do I have a full belly or what? Hubby went all out this year. He cooked everything there is that has to do with Thanksgiving. Honey Glazed Spiral Ham injected with Praline Honey; Turkey Breast injected with Creole Butter. Actually I just finished frying an egg, ham and turkey for breakfast. Again with the full belly. Oh yeah, 4 pumpkin pies, 2 cans of whip cream and a tub of whip cream. Needless to say the pies are all gone. These 3 kids love pie! Good thing we are all skinny.

We complimented him on what an awesome supper it was, he just called from work and wants me to set out the other Butterball Turkey Breast. Oh Dang! Better let it defrost in water in the sink.

We have a bottle of Mum's Champagne in the fridge and are going to try another bubble bath; last month I dropped my glass of champagne in the bubble bath. We both jumped out real quick. Tried it again last week-end and made it without dropping my glass. He adds the moisturizing beads and the bubble bath liquid stuff so it is pretty slippery.

Twenty years later and he still thinks he has to woo me; came in with a fresh cut flower bouquet, a box of chocolate mints & the bottle of champagne.

One more day before the kids go back to school. Luckily Barbie has a couple of girlfriends here too so she has friends to play with. She called her friends in Florida yesterday & still gets to facebook and email them. Told them we should be going back home in three weeks. Hope so N.C. is getting cold. Were supposed to be out of here by now; but things at the jobsite are putting us a tad behind. Hubby had to fire one of his guys cause of it.

Well, I'm outta here; have two more business blogs I need to add content too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Almost Thanksgiving Day

I love Thanksgiving Day. All the cooking & all the eating. The best part is not having to cook for the next few days afterwords because of all the leftovers. Not sure where we will be though this year. We kind of want to have dinner back in Florida; but when I think of all the traffic OMG!

Guess we're going to go back and hang out for a month til the next job starts up in Vera Beach, Fl. That will give us a month to look for a place there and move out of Apollo Beach. Vera Beach is only an hour away.

On a totally different topic now; yet still related to food! I discovered an awesome liquid that I hope I will always have on hand. It's called Magnesium Citrate. See, I have this problem when I eat anything with iron in it. I get backed up and can't take a crap. Yep, shitting don't come easy. But now I can eat all the iron filled food and still find relief. I mean this stuff acts quick. Be prepared and don't plan on being away from a toilet. You can buy bottles of it at CVC Pharmacies.

Speaking of buying, I'm sitting here looking at a clear pitcher vase filled with 2 dozen roses, and the cutest fake butterfly that is sitting atop it. The butterfly is on a long stick and looks as if it's sitting on the flowers. My husband buys me fresh cut flowers and has for 20 years. But see, the store closest too us doesn't sell flowers or plants so we have to drive to the end of town to get them. Which naturally is fine with me. I have a bouquet from last week sitting in the corner of the garden tub in the bathroom. Yes, we both love houseplants and flowers.

Speaking of houseplants; we have about 30 or so that we left out back in Florida. I sure hope the neighbors are taking care of them like they said they will. The aloe plants were almost three feet tall; I can't wait to see them all.

By the time we take the new plants he bought me here, back home I'll have enough plants to fill up a whole room this winter. Yikes!

Well enough chit chat, I'm outta here.

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