Friday, April 1, 2011

Drug Test People on Welfare

That's right! If my husband has to be drug tested at work I think all the people on food stamps, welfare, etc. should be drug tested too.

Had a neighbor that got kicked out for not paying his rent. Him and his daughters collected welfare, got food stamps, free clothes, free cell phone, free internet, hell the kids even got free Christmas presents, etc. He would go weeks without leaving his place. He had no need to get a job cause he got everything and then some for free. Come to find out he hid in his bedroom with his computer and smoked pot all day.

My husband has to get up and go to work everyday; he doesn't want too but he does.
It pisses me off.

I think I'm going to the petition site and start a petition.

On a happier note my Husband quit his job of 20 years. He got pissed off and gave his two weeks notice; after he was offered another job making $4 an hour more & $40 a day more per-diem. So anyway, the same day he got a phone call from the Big Boss and got a promotion and a bigger pay raise. OMG! So now instead of being a Pipe Superintendent; he is officially a "Project Manager." Now this all happened on the same day.

Now the best part is; they are sending us back to Tampa for a 2 year job. He will be working at Tee Co power plant like he was.

So we get to go back home and stay at the house we have had for 2 years. We're paying $1,300 a month there; and $900 a month for this place in N.C. Now we can just pay rent on our place in Apollo Beach, Fl.

Well color me Happy!

On another note: Kevin cooked some awesome hand made crab stuffed tilapi fish; he included stuffing, crabs and topped it all off with shrimp and homemade sauce. Damn he's a great cook.