Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You Dressing Down For Your Man?

When your spouse comes home from work what are you wearing? Sweatpants maybe! Is your hair in a ponytail? Do you have lipstick on? If you answered yes to these questions,then yes,You probably are dressing down for him and don’t even realize it.Think back to when you started dating your spouse!

Remember the excitement you felt as you rushed to get all dolled up for him. Did you Spritz on a little cologne? Did you polishyour nails? I bet you fixed up your hair, made sure your legs were shaved and maybe even rubbed on some skin lotion.

There was a comment I heard from a Latino Gal who said that “American women dress for comfort” while Latino women dress to impress their men. That got me thinking that maybe she’s right, because as I’m writing this article I’m barefoot, wearing stretch pants and a baggy tee shirt. My Hair is in a ponytail and I have no makeup on. And yes, I am comfortable.

So, are you in the comfort zone too? Most likely you are if you are a stay at home Mom, a homemaker or retired. Just out of curiosity I emailed a group of women friends and asked them a few questions covering this topic.

The questions I asked them were:

1) Do you change out of comfortable clothes into something maybe, not as comfortable before your spouse gets home?

2) Is your hair always in a ponytail?

3) Are your fingernails polished?

4) Are your legs shaved?

The results I got from these girls were kind of what I expected; it seems the younger and more recently married girls did get dressed up before their husbands showed up. And the women that have been married for a longer length of time stayed the way they dressed earlier in the day. No make up, no fingernail polish, no lipstick.

Again, just out of curiosity I did an experiment with my husband. After 21 years of marriage I kind of slacked off on the "Get Dressed Up" kind of thing. So when he came home from work the other day; I had on some makeup, had on some nice clothes and even went so far as to use the curling iron on my hair. All evening long he kept telling me how good I looked.

I think I might have messed up though, because, the very next day he came home with all kinds of new makeup: blush, foundation, lipstick, mascara, cotton balls, polish remover, a set of fake fingernails and 7 bottles of fingernail polish.

Oh dear, does this mean I have to "Get Dressed Up" every day. Yikes!!!!

Well Ladies, maybe we should take this as a hint and think about dressing up for our man instead of dressing down. Just try it once and see what his response will be; who knows, maybe he will think he forgot an important occasion and treat you to a dinner and movie.

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